What is Political Science?

Political science concerns the theory and practice in politics and government at all levels. We strive to understand the institutions, patterns, relationships, and ways in which they are part of public life and modes of inquiry that foster citizenship. Political Theory The political theory focuses primarily on the foundations of institutions and political communities. It… Continue reading What is Political Science?

Types of political systems

There are many governments and states around the globe. The state is the political unit that holds power and authority in this context. This unit could be a nation as a whole or a sub-nation within it. The world’s governments can be called states (or nation-states) or subdivisions within a country, like Texas, New York,… Continue reading Types of political systems

What is Politics?

Politics can refer to any activity that is related to government. You can narrow it down to include only those seeking to governor currently serving in government. The Greek word polis means “city” and the word “politics.” Politics Words Politics is often referred to as both government and political science. The main difference between “politics”… Continue reading What is Politics?